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A place for tough- minded Christians to explore, question, and wrestle. When you savor food, you slow down and enjoy to extract the richness. Same here.

In this blog, I will explore what it means to have strength of heart in three areas: change, adversity and reformation. I share stories of resilience including my own story about living in a country at war. I lived with my missionary parents in El Salvador in the years leading up to their civil war. You are invited. Have a cup of coffee, stay a while and read some articles, sign up for the blog or leave a comment. I like to engage with comments and I appreciate likes.

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Why I write?

To strengthen people who are going through change, or suffering. To call the Christian Church, and myself, up to an identity that doesn’t include condemnation, exclusion and toxic relationships. To encourage authentic connections. To think and process freely using these methods: explore, question, and wrestle. To nurture resilience.

I am writing my memoir about my time in Guatemala and El Salvador. I describe the narrative I told myself that gave me resilience. If you are interested in hearing more about my book launch, please send me your email address to: belindamcdanel(at)yahoo.com. Projected launch date is 2019.

I promise to do four things with your email. 1) Safeguard it. 2) Let you know about the book launch. 3) Not send emails too often. 4) Send you promotions and free gifts.

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My book is about three countries, seven terrorist groups and one missionary family.

Family — Faith — War