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Pathos-Press: where the heart matters

The ancient Greeks influence our society to this day. In college I heard the lecture more than once explaining the difference between these three Greek words:

Ethos | Pathos | Logos

The ancient Greeks admired the best orators who would persuade using all three modes: ethos, pathos and logos.

Ethos uses character or integrity to persuade. The root of the English word ethics is ethos.

Pathos uses emotion or the heart to persuade. The root of the English word passion comes from pathos.

Logos uses logic or reason to persuade. This is where the English word logic comes from.

The Greek word pathos means both experience and suffering. Pathos-Press is a small publishing house that focuses on books that are more heart. Not that we reason isn’t important. But having great logic with no heart is damaging. Not all of life’s challenges can be solved with logic or a mathematical equation.

Pathos Press: More heart.

However we are not all heart.

We attempt to integrate heart with reason, intuition and spirit.

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