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What becomes of the person who moves 23 times before they are 19-years-old?
And who, as a teenager, lives in a country at war for almost 2 1/2 years?

That’s me.

Belinda McDanel 2019

You become a resilient person and learn to navigate change. I share lessons I’ve learned on my journey in life. The question I’m asked most often is: How are you so resilient? This blog answers that question from many angles.

I strengthen people with story telling, especially people going through change, or suffering.  My writing is a call to the Christian Church, and myself, up to an identity that doesn’t include condemnation, exclusion and toxic relationships. An encouragement to have authentic connections. A place to nurture resilience, to think and process freely using these methods: explore, question, and wrestle.

In this blog, I explore what it means to have strength of heart in three areas:

  • Change
  • Adversity
  • Reformation

My Worldview in Three Sentences

Every person has a resilient human spirit.

Every person can access their spirit with practice.

Every human spirit who is connected with the Spirit of God has an unlimited source of strength.

Welcome to the adventure. Some of my best content is here.