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Connect to your resilient human spirit.
Access your resilient spirit with practice.
Connect to the Spirit of God for an unlimited source of strength.

How? Let me guide you.

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Belinda McDanel, author

Hi! I’m Belinda, a pastor turned writer.

My memoir is about:
Three countries.
Seven terrorist groups.
One missionary family.

As a teenager I mustered every ounce of grit and mental strength because my childhood stories include kidnappings, shootouts and traveling to foreign lands.

Deep inside, I found a part of me that knows things but can’t explain how it knows. This is the part that gets mocked by my rational mind. This is the part that told me to write. This is the part where I found an unlimited source of strength.

Magnificent Strength of Heart: A Memoir of War, Faith and Family

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Belinda Perez McDanel

A pastor for 12 years with the Wesleyan Church, she was a trailblazer as the lead pastor of a church in Fresno, CA for six of those years. In 2005, she could no longer hide from her childhood trauma and sought counseling from clinical depression and ministry burnout.

Belinda graduated with a B.A. in Psychology from San Diego State University and a Master’s of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary. Ordained in 1993, Belinda served as a pastor for 12 years before becoming a writer.

How are you so resilient?

The question I’m asked most often is: How are you so resilient? In fact, some say I should be more messed up than I am considering the ongoing childhood trauma.

My family are the Perez’s. We traveled to four countries and four states because my parents are adventurous. When we arrived in El Salvador our adventures turned dangerous. El Salvador was going through a civil war but we didn’t know that when we arrived in 1977. My story has to do with me as a 13-year-old who dared to maintained a tender heart yet a tough mind but discovered instead strength from inklings of the spirit.

My Worldview in Three Sentences

Every person has a resilient human spirit.

Every person can access their spirit with practice.

Every human spirit who is connected with the Spirit of God has an unlimited source of strength.

Welcome to the adventure. Some of my best content is here.