Resilient Narrative

[Excerpt from my memoir coming in late 2018] When I was 15 years old, my sister Pearl was 16 years old. We were doing an errand for my parents. We lived in the capital of El Salvador. We were walking behind the American Embassy on a sidewalk. The Embassy took the entire block. Two large black … More Resilient Narrative

Four Things I’ve Learned as a New Blogger

All my fears and insecurities surface when I write. I question myself: Who am I to write? Why would anyone listen to me? Who do you think you are? I come face to face with my struggle to embrace my self-worth. This is an opportunity to journal, think and grow. I challenge these thoughts that surface. Yes, I talk back to the voices in my head. … More Four Things I’ve Learned as a New Blogger

Living in Tension

I believe in a powerful God. He is good. But we have been watching one bad situation after another unfold on our TV screens. It seems like change is not coming, no matter how much we pray and believe. I don’t know about you, but I feel tension between what is and what should be. … More Living in Tension

Christianity is not a Test; it’s a Relationship

Think about another use of questions, not as a test but exploration. Relationship is not like the typical school environment where the teacher is searching for a specific right answer. In a relationship, there are several directions that one can take. The key is to stay connected. So, go ahead and ask the hard questions. … More Christianity is not a Test; it’s a Relationship