When the Authority of the Bible Goes Too Far (re-post)

Have Christians taken the Bible too far? That is, is the Bible above Jesus? If so, let’s put it in its rightful place. The word of God is servant not master.

Jesus is master.

Jesus is Lord.

Jesus holds all authority.

Why do these three statement sound radical? They’re not radical statements. It’s normal Christianity. … More When the Authority of the Bible Goes Too Far (re-post)

Fear and Change

This site is designed to help you: let go of old thinking that holds you back and embrace new thinking. If you are like most people, you don’t like change. But the world is changing at lightning speed and the Christian church is adapting at a snail’s pace. The Christian church wants to bring transformation … More Fear and Change

Resilient Narrative

[Excerpt from my memoir coming in late 2018] When I was 15 years old, my sister Pearl was 16 years old. We were doing an errand for my parents. We lived in the capital of El Salvador. We were walking behind the American Embassy on a sidewalk. The Embassy took the entire block. Two large black … More Resilient Narrative