Memoir Book Trailer

What happens when you make dozens of trips between the capital of Guatemala and the capital of El Salvador when you are a teenager?

You have fantastic stories to tell.

Map of Guatemala and El Salvador. A line is drawn between Guatemala City and the city of San Salvador.

I’m very happy to announce the trailer for my memoir is here! At least the first draft is ready. Click below:

Magnificent Strength of Heart

The most fascinating part of writing my memoir is seeing how much God loved me through all the adversity. Here I thought God wouldn’t love a person like me. How wonderful to discover I was wrong.

Next to two Starbucks drinks and a morning bun is the manuscript of a book. Title: Magnificent Strength of Heart: A memoir of war, faith and family by Belinda McDanel

I’m working hard on editing the first draft so I’ve neglected the blog. Thank you for being understanding. And thank you for support.

If you would like to join my email list, click here. I’ll keep you posted on the book launch and bonus material.

An award winning company called Captivating Videography is finishing the trailer and I’m very excited to present it to you soon.

Three girls standing in front of a VW bug packed with luggage on top of it. TEXT: I am a story teller. Fortunately I have fantastic stories to tell. I love the way a story captures you into an experience of the moment and the imagination. Magnificent Strength of Heart
Belinda, Amanda and Pearl in the summer of 1973.

©2018 Belinda McDanel

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