90% Wrong, 100% Teachable

I’m not afraid of being wrong.

In my relationship with God I have freedom to learn and that means being wrong… many times. I don’t experience God as a school teacher who is constantly testing my theological knowledge and drilling me for the correct answers.

My experience with God is more like a dance. There is movement between him and me. There is a flow. At times, I miss the beat. But we are always together and always in movement towards intimacy.

Back in college in the 1980s, I met a guy named Bruce who changed my life. He said to me one day, “If 10% of my theology is right when I get to heaven, I’ll be surprised.” We launched into a conversation about being teachable. He was humble and his perspective was freeing. This was the beginning of many conversations; I liked him so much I married him.

Bruce explained a person’s thinking is limited by culture, language, perspective and time. We make assumptions all the time and don’t know how our assumptions are influenced by these factors. Our assumptions turn into beliefs that we fiercely defend.

Christianity is going through a transition. God is moving and it’s exciting and new, but it is unknown. How teachable do we have to be to accept this new move of God?

I hear God say, “It’s not going to be like before.”

How teachable am I?

How many of my assumptions am I willing to leave behind?

How many do I admit are assumptions?

Am I willing to let go of 90% of my assumptions about Christianity to embrace the new wave?

What if that is what it will take?


I want to be comfortable with being 90% wrong because I want to learn. I want MORE. I want what is real. I want the essence of Christianity. I know this about Jesus, he always takes me to a place of humility, greater glory and deeper intimacy. It’s going to be an experience like never before.

Bruce and I still talk about our theology being wrong, but now we have more than 30 years of conversations. And it’s true, so much of our theology has changed. Maybe it’s not about being 90% wrong as much as being 100% teachable.

A growing relationship with God changes from year to year. It can’t be like before. When I get to heaven I hope my theology is 10% right. If not, I’m not worried. It’s not my theology that is getting me into heaven, but a growing relationship with Papa God.

How do you keep yourself teachable?

©2017 Belinda Perez McDanel