The Good Fight? First Mindset Shift

Sometimes we preach a distorted Gospel that has no resemblance to the good news that heals the broken hearted and sets the captive free. This is a satirical piece about Christian mindset of fighting.

God created humans so they would argue and debate until they reached a state of doctrinal perfection. The more diligently you argue your case and obliterate the opponent, the more pleasing this is to God.
Faithfulness is demonstrated by war. Fight anyone who opposes your doctrine. The purpose of all life is the fight.

If you receive blows in the fight, just take it as the cost of being faithful. If you wound others in the fight, it’s the nature of fighting. If you lose family members to the fight, they were never faithful to begin with. If you walk away from a fight, find hope in the mercy of God to forgive you. Muster yourself to fight again.“““dogfight-1008232_1280”””

Know your enemy. Don’t be distracted about talk about demons or spirits. The battle is real and it’s against flesh and blood. The target is people. Take out as many people as you can, this way their side gets smaller.

In order to destroy your enemy, know how to fight with words. Study the scriptures so that you are well armed in the fight. Use the scriptures as chains, daggers, arrows, and swords. Be skillful in quoting at just the right moment to intimidate and humiliate. Shame is especially powerful; it can disable them for years. As we know, self-denial and self-mortification lead people closer to God. If they will not do this, we must do this for them and save their soul. This is most important. We save the soul at the expense of peace in the present life.

Harden your heart so that losing people that you love will not create barriers to future fights. Don’t stay soft or compassionate as this can ruin a good fight. And most of all do not stay connected. If you bond with people emotionally this will make it difficult for you to fight them. And we know that the most important thing is the fight. Separate yourself from others as much as possible. In this way you will not be tempted to empathize.

If your gut screams at you to stop the fighting, numb yourself to it. The gut is the body’s warning system but it is an antiquated system. Don’t trust your gut.

And whatever you do, don’t grieve. Losses are expected. Move on as quickly as possible. There is always another fight.

©2017 Belinda McDanel

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