How to Refresh your Spirit

Self-care includes caring for your spirit. Many wonderful bloggers talk about slowing down, being in the moment and making life simpler. I want to address the how-to of self-care for your spirit in the next few blogs. I start off with a story about being in the secret place. It is a story of cleansing and beauty. Imagine being relaxed in a room that is quiet. Your body is still and your mind is calm.

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The Secret Place

When I turn my attention towards God I feel a shift in the atmosphere. Like he walked into the room. Suddenly there is light and life. Everything becomes clear. I am aware of spirit. It feels like holy ground.

It’s peaceful and beautiful. I’m aware of my darkness. Like I become aware that I have food stuck in my teeth. Suddenly I see my judgments, my pride, my fears, and insecurities.

In the light of his holy presence the dark places in my heart are exposed. I don’t feel shame, just a tender nudge. More like an invitation to shed these things like I shed an old shabby coat.


I confess my judgments and leave them behind. I confess my pride and I walk away. I confess my fears and trust you, but instead I confess my insecurities and look to Papa God.

I walk towards you. Where I feel satisfaction and peace. Take a deep breath and accept his cleansing forgiveness. Now I feel free. No tension. Now I feel I could stay for a while and take in this atmosphere and relish his beauty.

It starts in the stomach. Soft feeling of joy rises. This feels so wonderful I get tears in my eyes. I don’t know why. But I love it here just being with Papa God.

Stay. Wait here in the beautiful presence. The joy in my gut grows into exuberance. I listen to soft soaking music with piano and violin. I get distracted with the thoughts in my head. I must turn my thoughts back towards God. I pay attention to my gut and I feel joy still there.

I feel something on my face. Something light, like a touch from heaven. I enter in to more of the joy. My full attention is given to my internal world. Deep breath. It’s beautiful here. Thank you, God, for meeting with me today. Thank you for letting me feel and taste your joy.  You are amazing. Holy. Pure. Light. Life. You fill me with who you are. I can breathe deep in my spirit. I feel life returning to me. So beautiful. Thank you, Papa God.

©2018 Belinda McDanel

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